30% OFF-Travel Pillow Best Proven Neck Support | No More Head Nods | Best Sleep Anywhere!

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Does this annoy you, when you're Sleepy and fall asleep only to wake with that Damn Head Nod?? .... 
OUCH Neck Cramps !!

Well not anymore....


SLEEP IN COMFORT ANYWHERE ANYTIME :-) with this Head and Neck Support Pillow!!

  1. Travel Pillow is a unique design developed to support your Neck and Head when your feeling Sleepy.
  2. No More Jerking of your Head when you nod off... WHOOPS!
  3. This Pillow will give you peace of mind and enable you to get some uninterrupted Naps during travel or where ever you may be.
  4. Also, keep your Neck WARM on those Cold Flights


  • Proven Neck Support suited for long flights.
  • Positions your neck in an ergonomic position allowing you to rest easy.
  • Unlike other pillows, U Shape or Inflatable this pillow does not cramp your neck.
  • Easy to Carry or can be strapped to your bag.  Lightweight weighs 100grams
  • This Travel Pillow doubles as a way to stay warm - use as a Scarf.  Especially on those long cold flights.

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